Rebecca Leser and Diann Smith at the Pancakes and Politics Candidate Forum.
Pancakes and Politics, 2019.

Peninsula Indivisible is part of the Peninsula Progressive Network. On Saturday June 18, PPN will be putting on the 2nd Annual Pancakes and Politics.

Please join us for a free pancake breakfast in celebration of our nation’s 69th annual “U. S. Armed Forces Day,” followed by a forum for candidates seeking to represent us in the Virginia General Assembly. These candidates for the 96th District seat in the House of Delegates have accepted and will participate:  Rebecca Leser (D), Mark Downey (D), Chris Mayfield (D) and James Jobe (I).  These 96th District candidates have also been invited:  Amanda Batten (R) and Melanie Rapp Beale (R).  This event is sponsored by the Peninsula Progressive Network as a public service. The primary election in Virginia is Tuesday, June 11.  That makes this event one of the last and best opportunities for voters to hear the candidates share their vision and express their views on the major issues.

If you’re planning to come, please be sure to sign up here for tickets. We need to be sure to have enough pancakes!!

Saturday May 18, 2019, 8AM – 12 PM, Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School.

Pancakes and Politics, Saturday May 18, 2019